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Voices that bring your characters to life

We are dubbing specialists. Whether it be a feature film, TV series or documentary, our experienced team takes care of all the details, delivering artistic consistency and quality in every version. We are experts in lip-sync, voice-over and mixing (2.0, 5.1 and 7.1)


An accurate and faithful translation of the original dialogue

Regardless of the source language, we consider every detail, so that the final result expresses the intended message of your story. Our team is more than capable of handling various audio-visual formats, working on multiple, large-volume projects with creative challenges and tight deadlines on a daily basis.

Translation and adaptation

Translating and adapting your message to sound authentic and natural

Our translators specialise in audio-visual projects, and their mission is to maintain the intention and emotions of the original message, always respecting its language, culture, tone and level of formality. To help ensure this, we work with diverse teams specializing in various genres of content, as well as consultants with specific technical and scientific knowledge.

Audio post-production

Cutting-edge technology for every audio experience

With state-of-the-art equipment and mixing studios specially designed to meet the latest market demands, Vox Mundi has mastered the art of audio post-production. Our team comprises technicians who specialise in audio post-production for TV, cinema and advertising. 

Quality control

Flawless deliveries, every time

All finished projects at Vox Mundi undergo rigorous technical and linguistic review to ensure they are faithful, accurate and authentic, before being delivered. Our team treats every project with the utmost care and precision so that nothing goes amiss. 

Voice, music and effects

Limitless sound possibilities

Our voice database has a wide range of options for dubbing talent, narrators and singers. We are experts in voice-over, dubbing, songs and M&E (music and effects). Our specialists can recreate and bring to life ambience of any kind, including soundeffects and distinct noises. To meet the needs of each project, we also carry out specific casting calls to guarantee maximum authenticity in each delivery.

Audio description and closed captioning

Accessibility and inclusion

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy a good production. Accordingly, we have a team that specialises in audio description and closed captioning, with the aim of increasing accessibility and breaking down barriers between your project and the widest possible audience.


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